PC: Polyakov Photography 

At TsouLoved weddings and events, I want you to leave all the burdensome logistics and planning to me.  I want your wedding  or event to run perfectly.  With TsouLoved you will be at ease, stress less, and cared for.  

TsouLoved, is a play off words.  Tsou, my last name pronounced (So).  I want you to feel So Loved and so taken care of on your wedding or event day.  

Kick back, relax and enjoy the beautiful day that will be coordinated and planned for you.



With tailored and detailed coordination of your wedding.  TsouLoved weddings will make sure that your day is fully covered.  You will be able to envision your day  even before it happens and feel absolutely at peace at how the day will flow.  You will know that you will be able to fully enjoy, have fun and relax on your big day.  


They say it is all in the details.  You worry about the important things, such as: Eating a wonderful meal, enjoying the gorgeous scenery of your wedding, or most importantly each other and your guests.  At TsouLoved weddings, all the details will be covered with timely and flexible schedules, checklists and timelines.  


While you mingle, talk and soak in your beautiful day, your day will be taken care of by TsouLoved Weddings.  At TsouLoved Weddings, all vendor relationships and communications will be thoroughly take care of and managed.  Feel so loved and so taken care of on your wedding day.