Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need a day of wedding coordinator?  Can't I just ask a friend to do it?

A: Personally my belief is for your friends and family to enjoy the wedding with you, while the professionals take care of everything. You don’t want to be dealing with any details (like telling bridesmaids when to walk down the aisle or the caterer that guests are getting hungry and you need the food out STAT). A good wedding coordinator (and planner) will take care of these details for you so you can relax. A day of wedding coordinator will insure all the logistics will run smoothly.  All the behind scene details will be thoroughly taken care of and ironed out with absolute professionalism.  Any hiccups that occur will be taken care of, without you needing to worry.  

Q. What does a day of wedding coordinator do?

A: Please visit my services page, it will give you all the details you need on what a day of wedding coordinator does.

Q: What are your fees?

A: Please contact me and I would happy to provide you details on my packages.  Each client is different, so each package will cater to the specific needs of the client.

Q: What kind of couple should think about hiring a day-of coordinator?

A: I strongly recommend that every bride and groom that is planning their own wedding hire a day-of coordinator. Planning the entire wedding without a coordinator is already stressful enough, so the least you can do is hire someone who can handle the stress of the day. Your peace of mind on your wedding day will be worth every penny!

Q: What’s the biggest myth about day-of wedding planners?

A: hat you don’t need one.

Q: I have a venue coordinator already, do I really need a day of wedding coordinator?

A: Some couples choose to forgo a day-of coordinator because their reception venue includes a coordinator. Although this may sound similar to a day-of coordinator, beware: It is not exactly the same. It’s important that you identify exactly what your needs will be on wedding day and know ahead of time exactly what your venue coordinator is able and willing to do. Keep in mind that they may not be able to call the limo driver who is running late, or assist the groom who can’t find his shirt.

Q: What type of burden will a day of wedding coordinator take off my shoulders?

A: One of the main duties of a wedding coordinator is to create a detailed, minute-by-minute wedding schedule, which is distributed to everyone in the wedding party as well as each vendor. Not having to put this together on your own is a huge burden off your shoulders, not to mention the fact that a good coordinator will likely think of lots of small details that you might not have even considered or realized. Then, on the wedding day, the coordinator will make sure everything is going according to schedule.

Q: What do I need to prepare for my day of wedding coordinator?

A. Regardless of who you hire, create a binder or folder  for your day-of coordinator. It should include a complete copy of every contract, a vendor list with names of the staff who will actually be on site the day of the wedding along with their cell numbers (so they can be reached the day of the wedding).  After I receive all these details, I can help plan your timeline.