Tsouloved (Rebecca and Brian) helped make my daughter’s wedding day a huge success and a happy and moving experience for all. Deciding to use a day-of-coordinator and selecting Tsouloved were among the best decisions we made in planning our daughter’s wedding. Rebecca’s knowledge, organization and thorough preparations allowed our family to relax and have confidence that all the small and large events would occur on-time and as planned In fact, Rebecca and Brian’s work on the day of the wedding certainly exceeded our high expectations.

I recommend that everyone engage someone like Rebecca in order to focus on the significance, meaning and enjoyment of the wedding and celebrations. There are dozens of people and events that you want and need to come together, and the events of the day can be so overwhelming that much can missed. Tsouloved made it all work on time and flawlessly.

Thank you Rebecca for all your work, and feel good that you bring so much happiness to your clients.
— Tony
Working with Becca is an absolutely joy. She’s very detail oriented and on top of things. If you’re on the fence about hiring her, I highly recommend reaching out to have a quick chat.
— Nick
Rebecca is the coordinator you never knew you needed. At first, I was hesitant if this was something we needed, I am an organized and punctual person by nature but nothing prepares you for weddings when 100+ people want your attention at all times. I could not be happier we decided to include TsouLoved in our big day because it could not have gone any smoother. My husband and I had so much fun and thoroughly got to enjoy the entire day without an ounce of stress. Rebecca took care of EVERYTHING the day of and allowed us to have fun while also keeping us on track and on schedule. She studied our wedding and knew the ins and outs of everything she needed to the day of the help guests, help family and help us. She is truly a wonderful coordinator and I would highly recommend her for all weddings and all events!!
— D
Becca served as a day-of coordinator for my Oct. 2018 wedding. Our wedding went perfectly, and I honestly can’t imagine how everything would have worked without Becca and her husband’s help. She was very attentive and helpful in the months leading up to the wedding, and on the day of, she made everything run smoothly. We had a major change to our schedule that involved coordinating with a number of different people on the day of, right after the ceremony and right before the reception, and Becca just ran with it. She was very flexible, and as a result, we had the opportunity to take some really fantastic pictures in a unique location; we absolutely would not have been able to have made that happen without her coordination. During the reception, I never had to worry about when anything was going to happen - Becca just came up to me, told me we needed to do x, y, and z, or asked what I’d prefer to do about this or that. The reception went by so fast and I would never have been able to make everything happen without that help. I highly recommend Becca. I can’t emphasize enough how much easier she made everything.
— Katy
Rebecca was absolutely wonderful to work with! As wedding photographers, we know that it’s often challenging to stay on schedule. Rebecca not only ensured that everything went smoothly and as planned, she went above and beyond communicating with other vendors and keeping the couple calm and happy. She’s not only a great professional passionate about wedding planning but also extremely fun and pleasant to be around. We’re looking forward to working with Rebecca in the future!
— Anastasiia Polyakov of Polyakov Photography
My wife and I estimate that Rebecca walked/ran about 4-5miles for our wedding. I would’ve gone crazy if Rebecca wasn’t there and if I had to do everything on my wedding day.
— Sokho K.
Thank you for all your help Rebecca!! You made the day run so much smoother than we could have. Really appreciate your hard work!
— Linda H.
You and B. were both such a blessing to us. Thank you! J. and I both say that our wedding day was perfect!
— L.C.
Becca is such an absolute delight to work with! I’m on staff at my church and coordinated my friends’ wedding with her to ensure all of the production/technical (ie. sound, lighting, projection) elements of the wedding ceremony went flawlessly, and it did!

She is approachable, trustworthy, insightful and well-organized. I appreciated her attention to every detail, thinking things through ahead of time, and then successfully executing said logistics on the day-of.

For this particular wedding, Becca planned out a thorough and itemized timeline for the wedding party, the couple’s families, the wedding officiant, and the vendors (ie. photographer, DJ, caterers, production techs), and ensured that all of us kept to the schedule, with little to no waiting or down time. She’s also great at wrangling the wedding party (like for group photos) and troubleshooting things that came up unexpectedly, while keeping the groom and bride at ease on their special day.

Without a doubt, I highly recommend her to all my friends, and really, anyone who wants their wedding ceremony and reception to go seamlessly. She’s worth it!
— Patrick C.
Becca did a wonderful job coordinating our daughter’s wedding. We loved her warmth and enthusiasm and so appreciated her ability to calmly handle all the details as well as her willingness to be flexible as we made last minute changes.
— Nancy N.