Budget Savvy Brides and Friends

To my wonderful Budget Brides, Grooms, anyone that doesn't have an infinite budget for your wedding.  I have written some great tips for you below.

Tip 1: make a budget and do your best to stick with it, but make sure you give a little wiggle room.

Budget, budget, budget!!! Make a realistic budget and try to stick with it. I really like this spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/…/1XGxcnlTKTQ6bKY_jaj4G6lm…/htmlview

It helps give a realistic view of what the industry tends to charge for their services.

Make sure you talk it over with your partner and whom ever else is contributing to your wedding budget what the main goals (big money portions, what you are aiming at for a wedding) are and your smaller goals would be (what are the not important things).

Make sure everyone is on the same page and that everyone will understand that some things may not be possible or should not be focused on.

Tip 2: if there is some type of element you really want for your wedding but aren’t willing to pay for the venue to do it, or possibly a third party.

I recommend the scary Pinterest word “DIY.” But don’t be scared or intimadated, look for DIYs that you feel you can accomplish and are doable. Also ensure that whatever DIY you pick you have plenty of time and possible hands you need (it can be an enjoyable bonding Activity with friends and family).

I had a friend that made her backdrop for her wedding. It was absolutely gorgeous and breath taking, it took her a long time but she did it with care and time. She would come home from work and work on it while watching a show and would accomplish little by little until wah lah a professional looking backdrop that oozed drool worthy wedding awesomeness.

Of course if you don’t have time time or space to do it, I am happy to offer my services, depending on the DIY. I can help you accomplish your DIY goals. If you are interested please contact me.

Tip 3: To save money, have your wedding during the off season and look at unlikely venues for your wedding.

I know some brides hope for that spring/ summer wedding at a country chateau or something idyllic like at a manor, but sometimes the budget isn’t possible for that.

But don’t fret! Try something different. Look at venues in the late fall or winter months, many venues cut their prices sometimes more than half during off season. Florists and other vendors tend to be more flexible with their prices during this season also.

Try an off time or off day. Friday in the morning (although people don’t prefer this because that means people have to take off work) or even Friday in the evenings tend to be less expensive. Try a morning wedding, nothing is better than a delicious brunch, mimosas and bellinis!

Try not to pigeonhole yourself at focusing purely on wedding centric venues. Get creative and think of looking up schools, activity centers, even some camp grounds have nice event centers.

Remember! Some venues charge hidden fees, such as: cake cutting, corking fees, added cost of not using their preferred vendors, etc.

***If you are in a quagmire of a situation trying to find a good venue but you don’t have the time, contact me and I would be happy to guide you through the muck.****

Tip 4: your wedding dress, be a little unconventional.

If you aren’t aiming to spend a lot on your dress, but also don’t want to spend tons of time out shopping or going to trunk shows on your downtime, I highly recommend being unconventional. This is for those that don’t mind not having friends and family seeing you try on the dress.

1. Look at craigslist for a dress and ask to try the dress on at a local target nearby the person (or somewhere safe and bring a friend)

All the links below are dresses under 200.00

2. Coralie Beatrix, I love this dress and you can add accessories if you like https://www.etsy.com/…/crystal-cove-ivory-with-blush-lace-l…

3. Even check out places like Nordstrom’s and or Nordstrom rack. This dress is 98.00 (before taxes)

4. This dress is definitely for the fun and flirty bride. Instead of your usual white dress it comes in a beautiful blush pink and tea length for 175.00 before taxes. 

To find a great deal for your wedding dress, know your measurements, be willing to take a risk, look for gowns in the evening section rather than the wedding section.

Will update this post for more tips on being budget friendly!