How To Bless Guests

Tip 1: Think about your guests.

When you start getting into wedding planning, people can get caught up in the fun parts like decor, dresses and cakes. All those things are wonderful, but don't forget you are planning an event to share with your closest family and friends. Think about your guests and how you can bless them.

For example: 
For an outdoor wedding, don't forget to provide things, such as: water bottles, umbrellas (if super hot or possible chance of rain), bug spray, hand fans, maybe handkerchief for misty eyes.

Tip 2: Carve out time to thank your guests at your wedding.

1. You can do it by going table to table during the dancing portion of the wedding. (Make sure you announce this)

2. A traditional greeting line after the ceremony

3. Or if you are really tight on time, have the groom and bride make a short (1-2 minute) thank you speech during the toast portion.

Tip 3: Train your ushers.

Indoor or outdoor, don't forget to have an usher(s) at your wedding. Depending on the size of your wedding it's best to have 2-3 ushers. Ushers help welcome guests to the ceremony, guide guests to their seat (even if there are no bride or groom sides), pass out programs, and answer questions (e.g. Where is the restroom). You want to make sure the first thing your guests encounter at your wedding is with a warm and friendly interaction. Make sure your ushers know where seats are reserved for the bride and grooms family (typically first two rows). Make sure the ushers know how to graciously greet guests and guide them to their seat.

Ushers also have other duties but I won't bog you down with the details. If you are getting married soon and you are thinking, "I'm not sure if I have time to train my ushers, I just want to enjoy my big day." That's where a wedding coordinator comes along.

More updates will come soon.