Wedding Day Tips

Wedding day tip 1:

For the bride and the groom, it’s easy to get swept up in the day and to see your friends and family. But make sure you take at least 5-10 minutes for you both to spend it without anyone or any pressures around you. Sit back or stand, grab a piece of cake and champagne and soak in the moment.

Wedding day tip 2: like many wedding vendors, don't hold off on securing your wedding vendor.

Don't book your Coordinator last minute. Again please let me emphasize. Do not book your Coordinator last minute. Sure I love a good challenge. A wedding I coordinated recently asked me 2 weeks before their wedding and I was absolutely thrilled to take the job. However I want to emphasize that 2 weeks is not ideal for any vendor.

In order for a wedding coordinator to plan out and organize your day, talk and coordinate with vendors, check contracts and go to your venue site or at least get a map of your venue site (depending on how far the location is) you should try and book the coordinator at least 1-2 months in advance. You want to secure your Coordinator early to make sure they are not booked on your date.

Wedding day tip 3:

Are you and your groom (or bride) not really into cake? Or just not into wedding cake?

A great idea is to get a smaller cake for the cake cutting portion (or just opt out of the cake cutting portion altogether). This is also a great way to save money on a budget wedding too! Serve something creative and or something that reminds your guests of who you are as a couple..

- Ice cream sandwiches
- Ice cream cake
- tiramisu
- tres leche cake
- Whoopie pies
- macaroons
- cupcakes (get fun with this, different flavors or even go easy and do something like funfetti)
- donuts (my al time favorite)

The ideas are endless! You don’t have to stick to conventional wedding cake, make it fun and make it you.

Wedding Day Tips 4:

Are you planning to have a wedding that does not have a dance floor and / or alcohol? Some people may think this is a bad idea or tricky, but I think, how fun!

Here are some ideas below (I will be posting more on the next post)

Some great ideas would be
1. Get a caricature artist. This is a fun idea and leaves your guests with a personal gift. It's not too expensive either.

2. Do food bars. I know you've seen them before. Candy bars and dessert bars, but get creative! Make a taco bar station, or for my Bubble tea drinkers a bubble tea station (one of my best friends had this at her wedding and it was the best idea ever). Have a coffee bar for the coffee aficionado you are.

3. Play ispy at your table with disposable cameras at your table to develop later and see the reveal. Or a more inexpensive way is to use your phone camera and # your wedding.

More great ideas coming up soon: preview (battleship and sumo)

More tips to come / updates soon