The Professionals

Why you want to hire a wedding professional and not your cousins cousins aunt’s brother’s sister.

From time to time I get clients that tell me, “oh don’t worry about a photographer we got that covered my friend takes great pictures he just got a new camera.” Or, “I think it’s just fine if I tell my friends just to help out with the wedding and the wedding will go fine.” Or I hear the “the day will flow fine, we don’t need anyone to help coordinate.”

I wish it was that easy. I know people hate getting sucked into the micro universe of the wedding industry. I get that people hate over paying for their wedding. But what I hate even more is a disappointed bride and groom. Have you ever had a friend that has major regrets on their wedding day because:

1. Asked their friends to take pictures but they end up blurry or capturing the wrong things. Or a whole other host of problems with not getting the right picture. Or enough pictures, or the pictures of family members you desperately wanted?

2. Have had a wedding where the day didn’t flow? Or things took too long, you waited an hour or more for the ceremony to start or the reception to begin and then the food is cold by the time you eat it?

3. Have you been to a wedding where you didn’t know who to ask questions from because no one was in charge?

4. Where you a friend at a wedding told to help out but you have no idea when or what to do, or how to do it?

5. For those that have been married, did you experience hunger pains because you never got a bite to eat on your special day?

6. For those that have been married, did you get dragged every where but never had the time to enjoy your wedding day?

7. Did a vendor ever drop out last minute? And what do you do if that happens?

The list can go on and on! Raise your hand if you have been disappointed at a wedding or even your own wedding day!?!

I have! Don’t get me wrong I had a wonderful and beautiful wedding day and had an amazing wedding coordinator, but I won’t name names, one of my vendors was terrible. I wish I did a little more research and a little more care went into my planning.

When you pay for a professional, that is what you will be receiving, professional and top quality work.

I don’t want my future clients to have any regrets on their wedding day. Hiring me as a coordinator, I promise you the issues you felt at other people’s weddings won’t be felt at yours.

I want my clients to know when I contact their vendors, I will know when they arrive and what their needs are and how to help them to make your day as fantastic as possible. I will be the point person not the bride and groom. I want my bride and groom to just sit back, relax and enjoy their wedding day.

If you are stumped at where to go for vendors, I am happy to refer some amazing vendors. Plus I have a range of vendors to work from that can work within a budget or we can work together to find what is best in your budget.

Asking a friend / family member to volunteer is great, but do you want to put that kind pressure on that person? A professional vendor knows the ins and outs of what to do when a hiccup occurs on the day of the wedding. You don’t want to burden your friends and family members, you want them to enjoy the beautiful day with you. You want them to have fun, create memories and soak up the special day.