Relax, Enjoy Your Wedding Day

I was definitely the anxious bride for my wedding, or maybe a better word was ridiculously excited about my wedding day.  I did not sleep before my wedding day plus, I woke up at the crack of dawn when I did not need to.  

Here are some great tips to help you relax and have a wonderful, beautiful wedding day just like S & L , and J & R did!

Polyakov Photography

Polyakov Photography


Here are some tips I have learned over the years from myself and other brides on how to relax on your wedding day, so you can have fun and look great in pictures!

1. Don't anticipate sleeping the night before.  Most people who do something really exciting the next day tend to not sleep well the night before.  Lots of pro-athletes, have this issue (so don't feel alone if you suffer from this) struggle with sleeping the night before a big event, your brain is just thinking too much.  For myself, I did not sleep before my wedding day, plus I woke up at the crack of dawn when in all honesty I did not need to.  However, over time there have been some wisdom I have gathered from people who struggle with sleep anxiety the night before a big event.  Try to sleep as much as you can the week of your wedding.  If you can afford to, think about getting a massage after your rehearsal dinner or before.  Drink lots of water the day before your wedding, stay off your cell phone at least 2 hours before you go to sleep the night before your wedding. 

2. Hire a wedding coordinator you trust and create a timeline that will give you plenty of bugger room in your day so you don't feel rushed.  A coordinator will guide the day along.  Being guided through out the day will help someone feel less stressed and more at ease that things are under control.  


3.  Hire a great photographer.  Hire someone your (bride and groom) personality meshes well with.  Having a photographer that understands your quarks and personality will allow you (the bride and groom) to feel more relaxed and genuinely at ease in all the photographs.

Eva Rodzeno

Eva Rodzeno

4. Give your friends and family tasks to help out with the day.  For example: managing the guest book, transporting your gifts and gift card to where it needs to go, clearing off decorations.  This will help any bride and groom stress less on these details.    

5. Track the weather. and make sure you have back ups or alternatives on what you can do if it rains out or is ridiculously hot.  Make sure your venue offers a back up if you have an outdoor wedding you can bring it inside if there are any weather issues.  Provide your guests with any necessary weather items (fans if it is hot, bug spray if it is outdoors, umbrellas if it rains, and small blankets if it is cold) 

5. Enjoy the day.  go in remember the most important part of the day: You are marring your best friend.  At the end of the day you are starting a wonderful, exciting and new adventure with your favorite person.